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Property for sale in Belize.


UK RealEstate: Property for sale in Belize

UK RealEstate: Property for sale in Belize

Located at Santa Familia village,Cayo district, Belize.Google Earth reference; 17.10.42 North, 89.04.46 West; 4 miles from San Ignacio via good all-weather road or 1.5 miles by river.

Asking price: US$35,000

The most important reason why this is a great property is that a non-Belizean can own 100% of it. In many other countries it’s illegal for foreign nationals to own a controlling share of anything, including property, houses, businesses, land, etc… in Belize there are no such laws. You buy it and it’s yours.

The property is on the high north bank of the river at Branch Mouth, at the junction of the Macal and Mopan rivers. This is the place where the Belize River starts.  The river is clean, great fishing, wonderful just having the view and a natural playground, nestled in the mountainous CAYO District, 1.5 hr drive from Belize city.

The site is above the flood plain and ideally located for a dwelling and resort/camp site. Due to the close proximity of the Belize River (fifty metres) my original plan was to build a small resort/camp site with a facility for farming tilapia fish. San Ignacio Town is 1.5 miles by river and fifteen minutes via a good all-weather road above the flood plain. Belize; mother nature`s best-kept secret.

There is a sturdy three-bedroom cement building on site that needs further work.

Town water and electricity is readily available for connection (meter required).

Rural community; friendly, homely neighbours, plethora of wildlife and natural history.

Belize property for sale

I bought the place after leaving the army and I planned to set it up as a resort/camp site for my kids to take over, if they wanted to. Now they’ve all grown up and I love to blow glass so I won’t ever get to setting this up. Consequently, the property is surplus to my requirement and currently vacant. UK RealEstate: Property for sale in Belize. Belize; mother nature`s best-kept secret.

The site is ideally located for a homestead dwelling and resort/camp site.

Asking price: US$35,000




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